Tami is the Vice President of Production and the Filmmaker for Purple People Incorporated. In 2000, although at the time employed full-time for a major television network affiliate, Tami spent much time and energy lovingly dedicating her talent to the design of Purple People Incorporated’s identity and website. Shortly thereafter, Tami joined the Purple People team in April 2000 as the full-time Creative Director. She successfully completed art directing her first book, Purple Love which won numerous awards and accolades for its Excellence in Publishing. Tami had equal success with her Art Direction of Purple Puppy which also won awards for its Excellence in Publishing and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for 2006. Tami continues to work on the creation and design of Purple People’s books, promotional materials and add-on products.

Tami’s enthusiasm for Purple People’s concepts has prompted her to share her spirituality, wisdom and soul through writing, directing and producing films and documentaries on Equality. Two of her short films are “Purple” and “Are You Listening?” each of which has been shown by numerous organizations, synagogues, equal rights organizations, and educational institutions.

Tami is currently submitting her films to international film festivals and intends to have her films shown in Melbourne, Australia at the Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI). She is also working on a documentary on Equality which will feature interviews with people around the world about their life experiences with Equality.

Ms. Pivnick has spent time during her career on both the East and West Coasts and in the South. During her limited spare time, Tami has always been involved with helping others and she has actively volunteered for Special Olympics in the past. Over the span of her twenty-five year artistic career, her proudest accomplishment is that of producing, directing, and editing a video documentary for Westside Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

Tami enjoys life to its fullest. One of her greatest joys is frolicking with her dogs and cats. Spoiled by love and Tami’s affection, Pinball, her eldest cat, is a young 24 years of age! Not far behind is Squeaky, at 21 years, who plans to hang around long enough to “train” all the animals in Tami’s life.

Tami’s newest enjoyment is coming from her spiritual bond with the Australian Aborigine Didgideroo, which she plans on mastering by practicing the proper mouth sounds… much to everyone at Purple People’s fun-loving chagrine!

Although Tami is hearing challenged, Susan Faith has been quoted as saying, “Tami has the ability to hear more than is spoken because she listens to your heart and soul.”

Favorite Personal Quote Heard from Tami’s Mouth: “I’m NOT deaf, I’m just ignoring you.”