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Bullied to Silence

This is THE Film about Bullying you MUST SEE!  "Bullied to Silence" provides hope and a path for change to anyone who has ever witnessed or experienced being bullied or is a bully. This powerful, provocative and timely feature documentary empowers you to Be the Change to Stop Verbal & Cyber-Bullying. "Bullied to Silence" focuses exclusively on hateful and hurtful words and cyber bullying. It gives a voice to the bullied and allows dozens of youth from all walks of life, ethnicities, disabilities, sexual orientations, communities and ages to tell their stories.


Producer/Writer Susan Broude and Director/Editor Tami Pivnick at Film Premiere Boston Int'l Film Festival.


Let It Begin! A Filmmaker's Journey

Let It Begin! A Filmmaker's Journey' is an uplifting documentary that will encourage you to find your 'OZ'! Filmmaker Tami Pivnick journeys down her yellow brick road as she takes a behind-the-scenes look at a film festival. It becomes an eye opening and heartfelt journey for this 50 year old as she realizes that our human connection inspires her to fulfill her passion. Through Tami's personal conversations with film lovers, filmmakers, Michael Moore, Jerry Stiller, Doris Roberts, Anne Meara, Connie Stevens, David Rasche, and many others, we experience how we all touch the lives of others. Be prepared to laugh and cry - this film will touch your heart and your soul as Tami Pivnick finds "home".

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Tami interviews actress Kim Paisley

Women Who Influence is part of a #1 best-selling series that features 30 authors with stories to uplift your soul. 

Susan Faith shares a beautiful and openhearted story of vulnerability, courage and strength. Through her journey of overcoming challenges with self-healing, she inspires women to speak out and ignite their power within.


Purple Love

A warm, inspiring story about life, death and the power of love.

"What a rare gem...Susan’s peaceful words open up new doorways of communication within the parent/child relationship. Goro’s meditative artwork softens the mood and keeps one in a place of serenity throughout Sarah’s journey. I recommend Purple Love to anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one."          - Ed Lyons, Arizona

"A warm, loving story that is wonderful to help young children deal with the concept of death, whether of a family member or a beloved pet. The story is told in a gentle way that encourages kids to think and ask questions. The book is also beautifully illustrated, and the watercolors really reinforce the bond between Sarah and her mother." - Review


Purple Puppy

A whimsical and irresistible tale that will educate, entertain and be embraced by all animal lovers. Endorsed by the Humane Society.

"Engagingly written by Susan Faith and impressively illustrated by Naomi Offner, Purple Puppy is much more than a just another picturebook for young readers; it also deftly promotes the concept of respect for our animal friends and companions within the context of a thoroughly “kid friendly” tale of what a puppy could encounter out in the world. Children (and adults!) will discover that adopting a dog is a serious and rewarding responsibility, and entertainingly learn about issues of pet care and safety." - Midwest Book Review