Our Mission

Purple People Inc. promotes Love, Compassion, Kindness and Respect through open-hearted service.


How We Serve

  • We create critically acclaimed, inspirational books and films that promote equality and respect, bringing awareness and education to diverse communities
  • We offer inspirational Keynote Speeches, Seminars and Spiritual Intuitive Coaching Sessions
  • We support Anti-Bullying educational events and provide the "Bullied to Silence" Film, speakers and materials to promote Respect
  • We create MAGNIFICENCE with Book readings and Book Signings with Susan Faith!
  • We are Expert Consultants and Project Developers for your film and inspirational publications
Honor our differences, cherish our similarities.

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" with Susan Broude and Tami Pivnick

As a former high school teacher and self-esteem trainer, I have seen the devastating effects of bullying on our youth and teens. Now there is a movie that can help all of that... “Bullied to Silence!”
— Jack Canfield, Co-Creator "Chicken Soup for the Soul"