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Finding Your Inspiration



Your spirit is your connection to a higher source of energy. God, the Light, Spirit or anything in which you believe allows you to draw your strength for your highest purpose. Being spiritual means being true to your highest self, your highest purpose. Allow your soul's message to guide you. Only you can truly hear your message. Although life may present challenges, when you draw your strength, your power, your magnificence from your authentic self, you will be guided with your answers.


Within our bodies, there are major centers of energy, through which the energy within our bodies flows in and out. These energy centers are known as energy vortices and are referred to as chakras (pronounced SHOK-ras), from the Sanskrit word cakra, meaning wheel.

It is common for most literature to refer to our seven main chakras. As I personally began to work with my seven chakras, I found that I "felt" other areas within my body that seemed to be ignored. As a result, I began to use the twelve-chakra system.

In reality, the human body has hundreds of chakras or energy points. Rather than being concerned with all of them or the difference between them and the pressure points commonly used in acupuncture, allow yourself to begin by accepting yourself where you are and working within your comfort level. Do not concern yourself if you do not immediately "feel" a difference. Do not concern yourself if you do not "see" the color that is most frequently associated with a particular chakra. This is one of the most important lessons to meditation and to self-healing; accept yourself without judgment, where you are, at the moment you are there. Expect change. Just do not receive differences or change with self-doubt or judgment - accept everything as positive energy.

In working with your chakras, there is a lot of visualization that is a very powerful form of meditation. Close your eyes and envision a large round ball at the location of the chakra with which you are working. I envision the ball expounding diagonally outward from my body into a sideways hourglass sphere with the energy flowing in and out of the sphere into my body.

As I begin to work with each chakra, I "visually" check to make sure that particular chakra is whole, round, and a bright vivid color without any dull or dark areas. It is common to find one or more chakras in need of "cleansing". I cleanse my chakras by envisioning pure white light coming from above my head, through my crown and into the chakra with which I am working. I visually remove any dull or dark areas and replace them with pure white healing light which turns to the color of the particular chakra. I also "fill in" any missing areas of the chakra which deplete it from being a whole, round circle by "repairing" it with pure white healing light which also turns to the color of the particular chakra with which I am working. 


Meditation means different things to different people. For some, a walk amongst nature is a form of meditation. Listening to the birds, watching the ocean's waves, enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset, cherishing moments with a friend, being grateful for the wonderful occurrences in your life, are all forms of meditation although not perhaps thought of when one thinks about whether one meditates.

There are many forms of "traditional" meditation. Numerous books have been written on the various techniques and ideologies. My intent is to introduce you to the concept of taking time for yourself so that you may experience life from a centered and calm space.

Meditation is a way for you to be in touch with your intuition, a way for you to hear the message of your soul and to honor its purpose on the Earth in this place at this time. We all need to take the time to take care of ourselves. We need to honor who we are and to be true to ourselves.

Through meditation, your inner voice will strengthen and your intuition will speak louder to you. All of us have this ability. We just need to take the time to listen. If you stop and think about it, you will remember a time when you had a hunch or a feeling about something, perhaps an occurrence that was about to happen that you knew before it existed, such as feeling the phone was about to ring and then it does. That's your intuition, your inner sense.

Each person has a soul, which is encoded with the highest purpose for his or her life's existence. As we are able to be more silent and listen within, our soul's message of our life's purpose becomes louder. We are able to focus on the important things in our lives and allow the other "busy" activities to cease to maintain their importance to us. We are able to allow our creative energies to be recognized and honored. These creative activities (music, writing, art, etc.) all serve to help us center ourselves on the important things in our lives. These activities also act as forms of meditation as they also relax us.

Some of us feel we do not have the time to meditate daily or a few times a week. Remember; do not judge yourself based on the time you do not spend. Honor yourself for the time, ANY TIME, that you do give to yourself. Below are several meditations, varying in length of time required to complete them. Even five minutes will allow you to re-focus and rejuvenate yourself. Making a ritual of the process is very healthy. Find a favorite space. Surround yourself with some of your favorite possessions. Sit on a comfortable chair or on a soft pillow on the floor. Play soft music, if you'd like. Burn incense or scented candles. Light a candle each time you begin to bring the light of the Universe to your space. Or, don't do any of that and as you sit waiting for your turn when you are at an appointment, simply close your eyes and bring silence to your mind! Remember, NO JUDGEMENT. Your experience is yours and serves you as it should.

The main concept that I would like you to grasp is that meditation is not about judgment. Allow yourself to honor your experience in whatever forms it takes and wherever it takes you.

Meditation for Relaxation and Focus

Position yourself in a comfortable location. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Focus on the nothingness within your mind's eye. It may be helpful for you to envision a favorite location of yours or a relaxing thought. If your mind wanders to thoughts, do not judge yourself or become frustrated. Merely slowly and gently bring your mind back to nothingness or your relaxing vision. Over time, you may find that it becomes less challenging to silence your mind. No matter what your experience, accept it and honor it. Even if thoughts keep "popping up," you will benefit. Just remember not to judge your experience negatively and to accept it as it is. This meditation may be done by itself for any amount of time... I would suggest beginning with for 5-10 minutes. Do not be surprised if you become so relaxed that you feel like you have fallen asleep. Again, do not judge yourself. If you do doze, it will most likely feel different than when you sleep at night... in a few moments of this meditative "dozing," you will find yourself refreshed and feeling as if you slept for considerably longer than you did.

Meditation and Children

Meditation is a great precursor to nap time... as they begin to relax, they will either fall asleep or feel ready for bed. It is also a great way to introduce the concept to your child that it is important that he or she has quiet time for him or herself. Don't be surprised if your child shares that he or she has an imaginary friend. Many children are able to hear the voices of their intuition or spirit guides. Allow your child this opportunity by accepting it without judgment. We all have this ability. As adults, many of us have learned to tune our messages off by busying ourselves. Children who have not been taught to be skeptical or to question their intuition are easily able to hear their soul's message. Encourage your child to honor this ability and to always listen to his or her intuition.


Visualization is a very powerful tool for healing and may be used in acquiring positive energy. It is used in many forms of meditation. Allow yourself to know that your visualization is your reality and you will soon begin to see yourself benefitting from your visualization. It may be used in many ways.

Remember, your intention becomes your reality. Establish a clear intent and then visualize it as reality. This easy technique may be used in any situation. If you are challenged by an upcoming event, sit quietly for a moment with your eyes closed, establish your intent (the positive outcome of the challenge) and then envision it with your mind's eye. Once you have practiced visualization, you will realize how easy it is to use and that you have probably been doing it for some time in various situations.

  • Envisioning White Light

One way I use visualization is to draw upon the Universe's energy by envisioning pure white light radiating throughout my body. I begin by closing my eyes and envisioning the whitest, purest healing light entering from the top of my head and coming straight down through the center of my body and out from my core base. To enhance the energy, I breathe in the white light and exhale any negativity from within. Anytime I feel the need for increased energy, I find this an effective means of rejuvenation. I even use it when I am ascending a particularly challenging climb or for increased energy during an aerobic exercise. Once you have practiced with it, you will find that it will enable you to enhance the positive energy of any experience. White light is a pure healing light. This is one of the techniques I consistently use for my healing. I find it effective in relieving aches, pains, headaches, etc. It is the method I relied upon most heavily when I was healing my major illness.

  • Relaxation through Visualization

Visualization may be used for relaxation in the spur of the moment. A moment or two of your envisioning yourself in a relaxed favorite location (like on a beautiful white sand beach basking in the glow of a beautiful sun with a gentle breeze), will serve to calm you within the moment you are currently engaged.

  • Visualization for Chakra Balancing and Cleansing

Visualization is also used in the balancing and cleansing of your chakras.