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People want to make a difference and help spread the message in this award-winning feature documentary, BULLIED TO SILENCE, focusing on verbal and cyber-bullying. BULLIED TO SILENCE provides the bullied a powerful voice, empowers youth to believe in themselves and supports their development to be happy and healthy and be the change to bullying. Gain tools to stop verbal and cyber‐bullying by addressing the needs of the bullied and the bully while creating a strong support network for bystanders, parents, teachers and community.

BULLIED TO SILENCE should be required viewing for every child, teen, adolescent and their families. If an entire generation saw this compelling film filled with hope, inspiration and love, bullying may be a thing of the past! BULLIED TO SILENCE is one of those rare gems that comes along and spurs you to action. Don’t just take my word for it ... watch it with an audience and see the reactions for yourself. There will be no better testimonial than witnessing what unfolds. Truly inspiring and deeply moving! BRAVO!
— Patrick Schweiss, Director/Sedona Int'l Film Festival
I was delighted to see the reaction of 855 middle school students who witnessed the showing of BULLIED TO SILENCE in our auditorium as part of our Annual Acts of Kindness Summit. The words of the young people really hit home. I think this film helped change our school culture for the better!
— Tommy Brow, Principal/Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, MA
We found many of the stories in the film to be quite moving, and the message of respect and inclusion definitely resonated for us.
— Scott Hirschfeld, Anti-Defamation League

The BULLIED TO SILENCE TEAM feels the film is most appropriate for grades 4 and up. The youngest bullied child in the film is three. Parents have accompanied their child as young as five to see the film and have reported engaging in worthwhile interaction thereafter. The website also details the language in the film. The only "f-bomb" stated is bleeped out.

There are numerous resources available on BulliedtoSilence.com  including the free 32 page downloadable PDF written by the international expert on parenting and bullying, Dr. Michele Borba. Dr. Borba appears exclusively in BULLIED TO SILENCE and provides the answers to how we may all be the positive change to bullying.

A Dog Eats Hat Production (87 minutes)

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