Why me?

My excitement builds. In 3 days my path of vulnerability is revealed. Why me? I'm questioning how I got here. Leaving Ego behind and elevating to my life's purpose, I glance back at the road too well traveled. My past filled with scary stuff. Then I remember my lightening bolt connecting me to my divine purpose to help others overcome challenge, to honor our differences and speak out so that we treat each other with respect, compassion, love and kindness. My past wasn't so pretty. If I get stuck there, give it power, let it rear its ugly head, I'm not serving anyone, including myself. So, when I turn back the pages to the past, I Honor It. Yes, honor it. Now, I'm on the lookout for opportunities to be a source of inspiration. #WomenWhoInfluence#Womaninnonfiction #perfectlyimperfect

Susan BroudeComment