Overcoming Challanges

We all have challenges in our life. Rising to my magnificence to not judge manifests my ability to not "quantify" whether the challenge is big or small, exists for a moment or creates a lifelong change.

In August 2017, I was meditating, journaling, reflecting on the past few years and the necessary healing from events that occurred in the previous four years. I'll keep it that simple!
Why, you may ask, is that simple? The truth is that what brought me to those activities, that time, that space in August 2017, comprised all the years of my life and it’s not simple!

As I sat overlooking the magnificent ocean from far atop a mountainside home, I breathed in my gratefulness for life. When I arrived in Santa Barbara three months earlier, I was full of fear, anxiety, overwhelm and physical limitations. I was also incredibly grateful that my wife's health allowed us to leave the 5-mile radius of a hospital at which we spent a complete year.

Now, the doctors mandated us to leave the "high" elevation of Phoenix and its heat for more "normalcy." What is normalcy when my wife’s medical equipment and transportation required a friend to drive our car to CA while we flew with special accommodations for oxygen? What is normalcy when I'm in a wheelchair at the airport alongside her because I haven't regained my strength and balance after literally breaking my arm in half the year earlier?

Arriving in Santa Barbara in June, with love and support from our tribe, I was ecstatic to embrace the reality that we were at the ocean. Over the past several years, as my wife fought for her life, I would visualize the ocean. I promised her that I would get her there. Truth be told, as she lay in that hospital bed with tubes and connected to machines, there were times when I had to erase the thought from my mind that I might be bringing her to the ocean for the last time.

The ocean's strength and power infused me with energy to move forward. It took some time after arriving to realize I could stop wondering how long it would take an ambulance to get to the home. It took time to dig deep and really feel and let go of the trauma mode of the recent years.

After a few months passed, I began to journal. Hmmm, I realized I missed writing. I would sit on a comfy chair, light incense, pick up the pen and journal and then...realize my broken arm was not going to be a cooperative partner!
More time passed, and as I meditated, I got a strong message to write a book.

Within days, I received an email invitation to be an Author in "Women Who Influence." Really?

I truly believe that I am here to inspire others. Share my truth. Speak out for the silenced. And, show my connection to G-d, Source, a higher energy or power by living my "Perfectly Imperfect" life out loud.

Life's Challenges Create Magnificent Opportunities. 
I am Blessed. I believe in Miracles. Life loves me. The Universe is always working for me.

How in this moment are you blessed? What miracle manifested for you today? What happened that proved that life loves you?

I'm excited that Women Who Influence launches March 27th...
This magnificent opportunity enables me to shine my light on all💜

Susan BroudeComment