Journey of Writing

As my excitement grows for the launch of Women Who Influence...oh my gosh, in just 37 days, the most joyous part of this journey of writing "Perfectly Imperfect," is my gratitude for honoring who I am. My joy has grown daily as I have met some of the most magnificent, honest, authentic women through my involvement with this book.

My joy continues to build as I realize that very soon, many more people will be aware of my life's purpose to inspire each of us to embrace diversity. Honor our Differences. Spread love, compassion, kindness and respect, starting with you and then to others. Currently, the World climate has heightened all types of bullying. We can all be the positive change.�

In just 37 days, many more will become aware of our
award-winning feature documentary film, “Bullied to Silence.” Joyously, we will re-launch it in newness to involve many more in our movement. 
“It’s Time! Speak Out! Words Hurt!”

It’s time for us to unite to give a voice to so many that are silenced.
It’s time to empower our Tribe so no one feels alone.�It’s time for us to reach out a hand to anyone in need of being seen.�It’s time. We want to bring connection... a simple smile could change someone’s day or save a life.

Yes, I am. Joyous. In a time when we all need to shine the light on love to heal our World, I am inviting you to share what brings you joy as you bring light to our World?
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Susan BroudeComment